Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Support Assemby bill to Repeal Triborough Amendment

After 5 years, the $25 Million savings from closing 4 Kingston Schools will have been spent on Automatic Teacher step raises, pensions and health benefits. They are closing schools so they can keep the "rigged" game of unsustainable teacher benefits growing. If we citizens of NY State want to do something serious about this disaster, ask you NY State Assembly and Senate candidates to support Westchester Assemblyman Robert Castelli's assembly bill A01329, which would Repeal the Triborough Amendment. With this bill, no longer would teacher, municipal and state unions have the Unfair advantage of continuing Automatic Step Raises after a contract has expired. We really need this bill.

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Anonymous said...

It is a shame that the private interest groups (supported by big business) have used the internet to create blogs (like this one) and other internet tools to “repeal the tri borough amendment” . The Tri borough is simply a way resolve issues between labor and management. Folks this is not a democracy at work here this is big business and special interest controlling the legislative process. This is NOT a GRASS ROOTS movement, rather a calculated orchestrated method of lowering waged and separating the classes.
Notice how the up state mayors and other elected officials, otherwise tiny municipalities have supported this. Repealing the tri borough law would NOT affect these piddle po dunk villages. They are conspiring/pandering/politically horse trading for other things they want in return.
Look at management and corruption for the business management as a way to save money. See what poor leadership did to Kingston City Hospital. That is pure theft and corruption.