Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kingston Schools - Bold Plan with Blinders On

The recent Kingston Schools plan to close 4 elementary schools is a Bold Plan with Blinders On...........The Blinders are giving teachers Automatic Step Raises.  We must privatize and charter-ize our public schools or in 5 years the Kingston District will be on the rocks again due to Teacher Automatic Step Raises eating up the school closing savings and breaking the budget once again.  Take the Blinders Off and see that the funding of the Kingston School district is benefitting the teachers, not the students.  With Private schools or Charter schools, the teacher's unions will have less influence.  We should pay each teacher according to their yearly performance.  Every teacher should not get the same raise.  There is no incentive for teachers to do well if they are guaranteed an Automatic Step Raise.  Please take the blinders off and save our schools, save our local economy and our children's future.

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