Friday, November 9, 2012

Kingston's Teachers are over-paid

A Bureau of Labor Statistics report (May 2011) for secondary teachers in the United States lists Kingston as the 3rd top paying metropolitan area in the nation for this occupation, with an annual mean wage of $74,970. The 2010 U.S. Census lists the per capita money income in Kingston at $24,368 and the median household income at $46,098, with both numbers lower than the New York State average.  Seriously, can this heavy-handed milking of the Kingston Taxpayer continue?
I don't think so.  What is the Kingston School Board going to announce in the latest teacher's contract?  Let's hear more protest from Kingston's Taxpayers.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Morally Bankrupt Society

Morally Bankrupt is too polite!  What is on TV is sexual perversion with no limits!  Also, I believe the perverse TV content and public school health curriculums are designed by people who are purposely pushing this perversion for monetary gain and for spreading the liberal feel good message.  For these reasons, our country should return to independent small schools (public, private and parochial) which emphasize reading, writing, arithmetic and morality.  In this model, there could be schools setup by liberal parents who want their children to follow the liberal curriculum.  However, in this model, these liberal small schools would be in the minority since few parents would choose them for their children.  This last sentence is proof that the majority of children and their parents are being held hostage by the liberal public school system in America.