Friday, April 29, 2011

Kingston School Taxpayers - Vote NO on the School Budget on Tues.May 17th

To all local taxpayers, a 4.9% tax increase is too much.  Any tax increase is too much.  Remember, if we increase school taxes 5% every year, in 10 years, our tax bills would have gone up 50%.  To bring jobs to Ulster County, we need tax decreases or at least Zero Tax increase.  It is very important for the taxpayers to send a message on Tuesday, May 17 by voting NO on the Kingston School Budget.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lack of Courage and Responsibility -- Kingston School Taxes Up 4.9% -

IRRESPONSIBLE - How can the 9 Members of the Kingston School Board Continue to Participate in this Farce called NYS school budgeting?  Can someone on the board speak out and appeal for help from the voters of NYS?  Over the past 50 years, the unions and the politicians that they have backed them, have rigged the public school system laws in the union's favor.  Is there anyone on the Kingston School Board who has enough courage to say the teacher unions are running the show?  (ie. Triborough Amendment which says the old contract with step increases stays in effect while negotiating new contract.). Public Schools in NYS are going off the cliff.  The Titanic is sinking. The school board members' silence is deafening.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Apply Kingston's $1 Million Surplus to a Zero Tax Increase

Let's apply the surplus announced to a Zero Tax increase or a Tax Decrease. If the City of Kingston can brag about a Zero Tax Increase, businesses will return to the vacant business properties.  In addition, residential property owners need this tax break badly so they can continue avoid foreclosure and stay in Kingston.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Get Rid of Step Increases in New Saugerties & Kingston Teacher Contracts

If Saugerties and Kingston School Boards are negotiating new teacher's contracts, they are not required to include step increases for longevity and coursework in the contract (it is a local issue). However, once the step increases are included in a contract, the teachers continue to get the step increases while negotiating the next contract.  The moral of this story for the Saugerties & Kingston School Boards is "DO NOT INCLUDE STEP INCREASES" in the new contracts.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bad News - Kingston School Board budget draft calls for 7.1% tax increase.

Kingston School Board budget draft calls for 7.1% tax increase.  The current budget draft continues the "dismantling" of our Kingston School district by closing a school and laying off teachers.  This type of cuts really hurts students and parents.  A pay freeze would only mildly affect the teachers, support & administrative personnel.  Keep in mind the teachers are doing their best, but it is the teacher union leaders who refuse to go along with a pay freeze.  Any pay freeze must not come with any strings to pay back the unions for their temporary pay freeze.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ulster County priority -- Young Adult Economy -- Reject Golden Hill status quo

I agree with County Executive Mike Hein's goal of keeping the 280 nursing home beds in the Kingston area.  However, the solution to this goal should in no way continue the annual $4 to $9 Million county subsidy and should in no way burden the county taxpayers to pay for a $160 Million new nursing home.  I look to Mike Hein's leadership skills to propose a road map on how to accomplish his goal of keeping the 280 nursing home beds in the Kingston area without any burden to county residents.  Remember, Mike Hein's goal is to preserve the 280 beds, not to preserve the status quo of Golden Hill.  Remember, Ulster County has to emphasize helping our young adults to stay here to work, buy homes and raise families.  This priority comes ahead of preserving the status quo at Golden Hill.  The Golden Hill tax burden will work against our young adult economy for many years to come.  Mike, we need your leadership skills on this issue.