Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Top Priority for Ulster County Government is Economic Development

The Top Priority for Ulster County Government is Economic Development.  There is some appearance of progress in Ulster County, but a deeper look shows a property tax disaster coming.  The loss of stores at the Hudson Valley Mall and the loss of buildings at TechCity will cause tax assessment reductions for the mall and TechCity.  For we residents, this will cause large tax increases in our town and city property tax and school tax for the City of Kingston, Town of Ulster, Town of Hurley and the Town of Esopus.  I suggest an Ulster County Task Force responsible for Economic Development.  This Task Force should shine light on the efforts, failures and warnings of not paying attention to Economic Development.  Saving money by moving and consolidating county offices is good, but it does not solve the property tax disaster caused by the closing of mall stores and the demolition of TechCity buildings.  We need much more Ulster County leadership in bringing a branch of the Nano College to TechCity.  We need much more Ulster County Leadership in developing a 12-month daily tourist train attraction from Kingston Plaza to the Ashokan Reservoir.  These 2 action items would go a long way toward healing our county economy and tax situation.