Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Top Priority for Ulster County Government is Economic Development

The Top Priority for Ulster County Government is Economic Development.  There is some appearance of progress in Ulster County, but a deeper look shows a property tax disaster coming.  The loss of stores at the Hudson Valley Mall and the loss of buildings at TechCity will cause tax assessment reductions for the mall and TechCity.  For we residents, this will cause large tax increases in our town and city property tax and school tax for the City of Kingston, Town of Ulster, Town of Hurley and the Town of Esopus.  I suggest an Ulster County Task Force responsible for Economic Development.  This Task Force should shine light on the efforts, failures and warnings of not paying attention to Economic Development.  Saving money by moving and consolidating county offices is good, but it does not solve the property tax disaster caused by the closing of mall stores and the demolition of TechCity buildings.  We need much more Ulster County leadership in bringing a branch of the Nano College to TechCity.  We need much more Ulster County Leadership in developing a 12-month daily tourist train attraction from Kingston Plaza to the Ashokan Reservoir.  These 2 action items would go a long way toward healing our county economy and tax situation.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Mike Hein's Report Card is Two A's and One C (Economic Development)

Mike Hein's Report Card

A --- Budget and Taxes

A --- County Services & Efficient Use of Resources

C --- Economic Development

Let's expand on the reasons for the C in Economic Development.

1)  Tech City (former IBM Kingston property) --- Mike has not spent much political capital, ie. He has not beat the drums, stuck his neck out or even publicly mentioned Tech City in his radio appearances and Chamber of Commerce speeches.  He has failed to successfully connect with Governor Cuomo for help in bringing companies into this perfectly located property.  The failure to
market and use Tech City has hurt our county's economy and our residents.

2)   Mike continues to align himself with a strictly "green" agenda that accepts grant money for trails, while ignoring the Huge Potential of 12-month Tourist Trains from Kingston Plaza to the Glenford Dike at the Ashokan Reservoir.  Kingston Area businesses and taxpayers would greatly benefit from the proven potential of the tourist railroad in drawing tourists from NYC, Albany, downstate, NJ, MA, CT and other areas for the highly popular "Polar Express".  This short train ride to the Kenco area could easily be expanded to go to the edge of the Ashokan Reservoir to shuttle tourists, including handicapped, senior citizen, to enjoy the sights.  However, the key is to start the train ride at the Kingston Plaza where tourists can enjoy the many restaurants, hotels and amenities of the the Kingston area.  The Kingston Plaza location has the potential for bringing in a developer to build
a hotel at the sight of the former parking garage on North Front Street in Uptown Kingston.  A new train station could be contructed near Mac Fitness in the Plaza, looking up toward the Pike Plan on Wall Street in the Stockade district.  The potential is enormous.  But right now, Mike Hein wants to rip up the tracks from Kenco to the Ashokan Reservoir.  This removal of the railroad tracks in favor of another hiking trails would snuff our the above dream and economic development boom for Kingston.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

12-Month Daily Train Service from Kingston Plaze to the Ashokan Reservoir

Many Kingston and Area businesses and residents are for 12-month daily Train Service from the Kingston Plaza to the Glenford Dike at the edge of the Ashokan Reservoir. As many of you know, Ulster County Executive Mike Hein has proposed a lengthy "walk-around" from Kingston to the Hurley Flats to allow a trail to co-exist with the Rail for about 2 miles. If Mike Hein can propose this walk-around, Area businesses and residents can continue to propose additional walk-arounds for the trail access to the Glenford Dike, so as to convince Mike Hein to allow the tracks to remain in place to the Glenford Dike and to allow the huge money-maker of 12-month daily Train Service from the Kingston Plaza to the Glenford Dike at the edge of the Ashokan Reservoir.  The tourists from everywhere will get off the Thruway at our Exit 19 and spend money and enjoy themselves riding from the Kingston Plaza to the Ashokan Reservoir on the Train, daily, 12-months per year.  Let's be reasonable. This is huge.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Can You Imagine the Potential for Drawing Tourists Off of the Thruway at Exit 19?

It is a fact that the CMRR has served Ulster County quite well bringing in thousands of tourists to Kingston and Ulster County.  CMRR has also pointed us to the future, showing us that CMRR could easily run regular tourist trains every 2 hours, (10am, 12pm, 2pm.4pm, ...) year round.  Can you imagine the potential for drawing tourists off the Thruway to Exit 19 to the Kingston Plaza Train Station? 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ulster County Wages are low - Stop building Trails, Bring Developers Here

Ulster County Residents:  Please call Mike Hein at 340-3636 and Shayne Gallo at 334-3902 and tell them that our low wages in Ulster County and the City of Kingston are unacceptable.  Tell them that we need to encourage developers to come to the county and the city.  Tell them that we need less emphasis on biking/walking trails and much more emphasis on bringing in high tech and manufacturing employers.  See the bad report on Ulster County wages below.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Let's Take the Train to the Ashokan Reservoir

On Kingston Community Radio, on Wed.,Feb.25th, Walt Maxwell, Ray Rice and I discussed the recently released Catskill Mt.Railroad Business Plan for Kingston to the Glenford Dike at the edge of the Ashokan Reservoir. Let's all call Mike Hein at 340-3636 and tell him to not rip up the 5 miles of track between Hurley Mt.Road near Kenco to the Glenford Dike at the Ashokan Reservoir. Tell him we are all looking forward to taking the CMRR train from the Kingston Plaza to the Reservoir. The business plan says that the train to and from the Reservoir could be running daily every 2 hours, ie. 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm. Isn't this plan exciting? Mike, please don't rip up the tracks to the Glenford Dike. Listen to the audio file of my chat with Walter and Ray by going to the Facebook page for Kingston Community Radio or KCR and listen to the 3 audio files posted on Feb.27th.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Use "Trail-Walk-Arounds" when necessary, but do not rip up the railroad tracks

Let's Clear the Haze. Mike Hein and his staff used a wide-ranging "Trail-Walk-Around" to get the trail to the other side of Route 209 without building a bridge. Therefore, between Hurley Mt.Road and the Glenford Dike at the Ashokan Reservoir, Use "Trail-Walk-Arounds" if there is not room for the trail next to a section of railroad track. Most logical people would agree that under no circumstance do you rip up the railroad tracks.