Monday, September 1, 2014

Here is an Agenda to Vote For

Here is an Agenda to Vote For ( ask your candidates how they stand before you vote this November ).

1) Repel Immigration Amnesty,
2) Repeal Obamacare,
3) Repel ISIS in Iraq, &
4) Repeal Common Core

Monday, August 11, 2014

Keep the Kingston Plaza Railroad Open

I respectfully disagree with the Kingston Land Trust.  My top priority is to keep the railroad operating as it does now from the Kingston Plaza to the the Hurley Corn fields.  I urge residents that agree with me to call their county legislators to tell them to Leave the Kingston Plaza railroad in operation.  Tell them to vote NO next Tuesday, August 19, 2014 on Lynn. Archer's Ulster Legislature Resolution 275 which wants to rip up the Kingston Plaza railroad for a hiking, biking trail.  Vote NO on 275 which will allow our children, disabled, seniors, parents and tourists to enjoy the short train ride from the Kingston Plaza to the Hurley Flats.
Remember the old Broadway Kingston Post Office that was torn down for a Jack in the Box.
Let's not make another foolish mistake with the Kingston Plaza Train Ride.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Vote NO on the $138 Million KHS Bond

Vote NO on the $138 Million KHS Bond vote IF you want new companies to locate here.  Haven't you noticed that there is little or no private construction in Kingston.  City officials cannot get any developer to build a condo/parking garage in Uptown Kingston.  Do you think that is because of the high school condition.  No, it is because Kingston's business taxes are way TOO HIGH.  If you approve the KHS project, the Kingston TAX situation gets worse, much worse.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Revisit the deceit and lies in the passage of Obamacare.

Let's review the tortuous logic that American citizens have had to swallow to pass and accept the Obamacare law.  The Senate had to selectively bribe senators to vote for the law.  The House had to promise an obscure representative that abortion would not be funded by the law, only to have betrayed this promise in the actual law by requiring the funding of abortion and other religiously offensive mandates in the law.  The House and Senate passed the law emphasizing that there would be no direct "taxation" involved in the law, but only "penalty" charges for not signing up for obamacare.  After the law passed with all these bribes and lies told, the Supreme Court declared the premise for Obama's defense of the law was unconstitutional.  The Court said that mandating Americans to buy anything such as health insurance punishable by a "penalty" is unconstitutional under the Constitution's commerce clause.  However, Chief Justice John Roberts and 4 left leaning judges rewrote the affordable care act by saying if the law's "penalty" was called a "tax", the law would be constitutional, since Congress has the power to tax.  So the Congress and the American people rejected the original premise of an obamacare tax, but now the Supreme Court gave the American people a backhand slap in the face, by calling the obamacare mandate "penalty" a "tax".  So the American people are stuck with a "tax" they originally rejected when the law was originally debated in Congress.  So I dispute the claim that American citizens have a weak argument to protest obamacare.  Since the above demonstrates that the American people were duped, there is a compelling case for fighting obamacare tooth and nail.  To add insult to injury, guess who is administering and monitoring citizen compliance to obamacare......the IRS, which has been accused of spying on and harrassing American citizens before the last election.  I think there is overwhelming evidence to at least delay this law one year to allow American citizens a chance to debate and revisit the deceit and lies that occurred in the passage of this law.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kevin Cahill - Repeal the Triborough Amendment

Clarification of today's debate with Kevin Cahill. NYS Public Employees were barred from striking way before the Triborough Amendment. The enactment of the Triborough Amendment was a Hugh Carey election year union power grab to maintain terms and conditions of employment after the expiration of a contract. The real disaster of Triborough is that it requires continuation of all the terms of the contract, including binding grievance arbitration and collecting union dues (not required under the private sector decisions or the Triborough “doctrine”). To make matters worse, it was interpreted by the courts as taking away the legislative determination, to the extent that a legislative body cannot impose less favorable terms through a legislative determination unless the union puts all the terms “in play” by participating in the legislative hearing process, which they never do. In other words, school boards and municipalities have NO negotiating power at all.  Repealing this awful Triborough Amendment is what Kevin Cahill should be fighting for in Albany, not intefering and quibbling about Mike Hein Safety Net/Sales Tax policy that was already decided by Ulster County government.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

No Developers For Uptown Parking Garage Project

Now you can see why we are always complaining about the unreasonable Fire Budget and contract in Kingston.  Also, the Business property tax rate being higher than the residential property tax  rate chases developers away.  Do you notice that there is little or no private construction going on in Kingston?  I disagree with planner Sue Cahill.  The new Uptown vibrancy will not draw a developer.  But if the Mayor and Common Council had a plan to slash and reorganize the Fire Budget and to equalize business and residential property taxes, then developers would come.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Kevin Cahill..Please Apologize

Let's call a spade, a spade.  Kevin Cahill is at fault at least 90 percent.  He risked a spike in local City of Kingston and Town taxes in order to interfere and pressure County government to take on safety net......something Hein and the local towns had already committed to.  So now Cahill is happy with what Hein and the local towns had already committed to.  However, there is one small problem.  Since time ran out on Cahill's risk and the Assembly/Senate left town for good in 2013, we local taxpayers are left with millions of dollars less of local sales tax revenue which needs to be made up by property tax increases and local government layoffs and local government service cuts.  My basic question, "Kevin Cahill, what were you thinking of, when you risked the local government tax revenue in order to pick a fight with Mike Hein and local government leaders?"  My suggestion.  Admit that you made a mistake and admit that local legislative issues should be solved by local Ulster County citizens and not solved by Assemblymen interfering in the local legislative process.