Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mayor Sottile...NO MORE 9% TAX INCREASES ....CUT Fire Department

To Mayor Sottile,

We cannot cut the Police Force. We can cut some supervisory positions at DPW. However, we MUST cut the Kingston Fire Department budget down from $7 Million. We can no longer afford to send fire trucks to all Emergency Calls. We can no longer have firemen sleeping through the 12 midnight to 8am shift. Please Mr. Mayor, do not burden City taxpayers with another 9% tax increase plus more fees and plus more layoffs in DPW in order to preserve a GOLD plated Paid Fire Department. To discuss further, Go To my blog at......ULSTERTAX.BLOGSPOT.COM

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Please Save Our Children's Future in NY -- Vote Paladino over Cuomo

How much more pain are we New Yorkers expected to take? Our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters are leaving New York by the droves. Why? Because of the usual New York politics symbolized by Andrew Cuomo, Mario Cuomo, Shelly Silver and all of the dysfunction in Albany which is "owned" lock-stock-and-barrel by the state unions. I urge my fellow New Yorkers to try to get out of this mess by putting somebody like Carl Paladino in as Governor to balance out the power of the New York City politicians such as Andrew Cuomo and Shelly Silver.

Friday, September 17, 2010

BASIC LOGIC --- Why fewer students? People and Jobs have left us.

BASIC LOGIC ------ If there are fewer students and fewer buildings, there should be less personnel including teachers, administrators and support people and there should be a reduction in school taxes, not an increase...............Why are there fewer students?  Because people and jobs have left our school district due to high taxes and unusually high teachers salaries and benefits....Reject all politicians who are supported by Andrew Cuomo and Tom DiNapoli.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fiddling While Rome Burns -- Please Stop KHS Building Project Madness

Fiddling While Rome Burns ----- We the people of the Kingston School District want the school board to Stop this KHS Renovation exercise in futility. Change Gears and start brainstorming on how we are going to break the Teacher's Union stranglehold on our children's future and our local ability to stay in our homes. We want the board to eliminate "Step Increases for longevity and education credits". Why? Because we can do this elimination at the local level. There is NO Mandate for "Step Increases". Look at what is happening in Saugerties. Their district is descimated and dismantled. That is coming for Kingston. The Federal and State governments are broke. The Teacher's pension funds could bankrupt us. Please stop this building project madness. To discuss further, please Go To ---> http://ULSTERTAX.BLOGSPOT.COM