Saturday, December 24, 2011

School Consolidation is bad

School Consolidation is bad.  Think about it.  It is just "kicking the can down the road" for a future day of reckoning.  The sickness to be cured in the schools is the out of control, over-inflated teacher salaries with unreasonable longevity step and coursework step increases, increasing pensions and increasing health benefits.  Consolidating school districts will only buy you about 3 to 5 years.  After that, the savings from consolidation will have been lost due to skyrocketing teacher compensation.  SUGGESTION- Go in the opposite direction.  Open competition between public and private schools. This School Choice with vouchers and Pell grants allow parents to choose which public and private school their children should attend.  Competition breeds excellence in teaching.  Our present public school, union-controlled teaching system breeds failing schools, which is obvious to all of us by now.  Let us push School Choice with vouchers.  Don't support consolidation, since the school sickness will continue.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Kingston School Taxpayers Demand Transparency in $12 Million Budget Gap Solution

There is a $12 Million deficit Kingston School District Crisis. We the taxpayers demand to know that the Kingston School Board's starting teacher contract negotiation position is set up to present a budget with a maximum of 2% property tax increase. Also, the public demands that teacher step increases & contract salary increases are temporarily suspended. Also, taxpayers demand that the teacher's union health insurance fund be dissolved and that the Kingston Teacher's union health plans are 50% paid for by the teachers. In addition, the teacher's health benefits will be pooled with the health benefits of other surrounding school districts in order to get the lowest health premiums.

Fellow taxpayers, please join in with more taxpayer demands and suggestions to help to save the education of our children as a priority over teacher compensation.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

What is the Superintendent of Red Hook Schools apologizing for?

What is the Superintendent of Red Hook Schools apologizing for?  A December 10th Freeman article says that the Red Hook School Board president said that the Red Hook superintendent should not have sent an email to his employees to tell them that due to the new NY State 2% Tax Cap, the Red Hook district needs to keep any pay increase to 1%.  This is direct evidence of why are schools are failing in NY State.  Superintendents are afraid to communicate the dire financial consequences to the employees of a district.  I do not believe the Red Hook Schools superintendent violated any laws or rules.  The only thing that he violated is the "unwritten rule" of Thy shalt not cross the teacher's union.  The Red Hook School superintendent's apology about the email to the teachers speaks volumes of what has to be done to improve our children's education and to improve our local tax situation and economies.  We must push for vouchers and school choice so the NY State Teacher's union is no longer calling the shots from their lofty favoritism position that our NY State lawmakers have created for the Public School teacher's union, which is feared by our School district leaders.  The sooner we parents and taxpayers can unite behind school choice and vouchers, the sooner our children and towns will be able to succeed again. Tell your NY State senators and assembly people that you want vouchers and school choice.