Sunday, July 31, 2011

Public school teachers rarely comment on their profession, compensation & cultural issues

Did you ever notice that individual public school teachers rarely comment on their teaching profession, compensation and cultural issues?  You rarely hear them on local talk radio, in opinion letters, or local TV.  Why is that?.........Answer:  The public school teacher's career is totally guided and directed by onerous teacher's unions.  Teachers do not have the freedom to comment, suggest or speak out about the improvement of children's lives unless the union approves of it.  Give me examples to prove me wrong.  Vouchers and school competition are the answer for student, parent and teacher freedom.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Professor Chartock mentions the Soviet Union & NY State Government

Professor Chartock mentions the Soviet Union.  Try changing something in NY State and you also feel like you are in Soviet Russia.  NY State is 100 percent controlled by Union leaders.  Cuomo and legislative leaders will dance with Union leaders to give the impression that progress is being made, but the reality is that NY State is dead last in Economic Freedom and progress.  Why won't Cuomo get rid of the Tri-Borough Amendment which is a ridiculous Union Advantage, freezing previous contracts while negotiating the next contract? When the jobs, young people and population (minus 2 in House of Representatives) return to NY State, only then will you know that things are really improving.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Saugerties School Board Decreases budget $1 after NO VOTE - ARROGANCE OF POWER

As I understand it, the Saugerties School Board did not announce that the contingency budget would be only $1 less if the 2nd budget vote was defeated. The ARROGANCE of POWER of the Saugerties School Board is very obvious. To make hundreds of Saugerties residents go to the polls to defeat a budget and to reward that vote with a mere $1 decrease in spending damages voter's trust and discourages voters from coming out for future votes. How can school board members live with themselves? The school board could have instituted the $1 less budget after the first budget rejection vote, without requiring interested voters to take the time and effort to come out for a second budget vote. To Saugerties voters, get serious and call Saugerties School Board of Education at 845-247-6500 and demand an end to step raises in the next teacher's contract. They are NOT required by state mandate.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kingston Area Public Access TV Channel 23 at the Carnegie Center

There is a golden opportunity to locate Kingston Area Public Access TV Channel 23 at the newly renovated Carnegie Learning Center. Kingston Public Access could either sublease space from the school district and/or the Center for Creative Studies or enter a joint TV operation with KHS-TV channel 20. If public access TV was located at the Carnegie Center, many local Kingston Area activities, live programs and Center for Creative Studies performances can be aired. This is an important opportunity.  We local school taxpayers should push for this. Call Crown Street (845-339-3000) and ask for the Superintendent.