Saturday, May 14, 2011

Retain Young Adults - Remove Union Control of our NY State Economy

The Governor could be showing better leadership on our No.1 Priority -- The retention of our young adults by removing union control of our economy. A recent Marist Poll of NY State young adults shows that over 30 per cent of our young adults plan on leaving NY State soon due to the lack of jobs.  NY State is last or close to last in Economic freedom.  To me ethics reform should come after a battle royal on elimination of the Tri-borough Amendment, 2% tax cap, making NY State a right to work state like New Hampshire, moving school board voting to November, and others.  Let's face it, our young people will continue to leave our state until the above reforms are enacted.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vote NO on School Budgets and Stop Forcing our Children Out of State

This is a sincere message to the parents of our Ulster County School districts.  Our Ulster County high school and college graduates are leaving NY State in droves.  Where are they going?  They are going to Right-to-Work states where unions and laws that favor unions do not control the school districts.  Where are examples of Right-to-Work states?  South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Texas and about 23 others including soon to be a Right-to-Work state - New Hampshire.  Large numbers of new jobs will never come back to NY State until we become a Right-to-Work state.  What should we do to send a clear message to Albany that we know how to stop our children from leaving NY State for Right-to-Work states?  Vote NO on every school budget until Albany gets the message!  If you vote yes, you are continuing the Sham which forces our children to leave the state.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Support Our Young Adults ------ Golden Hill (Private Ownership)

Keeping Golden Hill in Public Hands (owned by Ulster County) is a disaster for our Young Adults. Since it is well-known that Ulster County's subsidy will have to grow every year into the future, our young adults will be burdened with ever-increasing tax bills. The result will be that our young adults will continue to leave Ulster County. Look around. Why are there so few young adults settling here? High taxes. Please do not do anything that prevents our young adults from settling in Ulster County. In this age of tight money, Ulster County has to choose between a Young Adult Economy or ever increasing taxes.