Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kingston School Board Votes to Close the Meagher School

This is Evidence of why School Board member elections should move from May to Election Day in November.  Everybody knows a small group of school district voters continues to sponsor and vote for board members who are ultimately elected and control the board independent of the wishes of the local taxpayers and parents. My observation is that a majority of local Kingston taxpayers would want to close an outlying school such as Zena School before closing the inner city Meagher School. Also, a majority of taxpayers want to revert to elementary schools aligned by grades K to 6 instead of K to 5.  Also, a majority of taxpayers want the school board to eliminate teacher step increases for longevity and coursework, as a means to counteract the Triborough Amendment and prevent local school tax increases. Let's move the school board member elections from May to November so the majority of school district citizens will have the time and opportunity to vote for people who will give us true representation.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cuomo needs Wisconsin-like union relief policy or his 2% tax cap will fail

It is a myth that public service unions are the only way to build a middle class.  What about IBM, ToyotaUSA, and our local banks?  They have middle class employees without unions.  Public service unions, forced union dues,  union contributions to local politicians and finally unions negotiating with these same local politicians for higher and more benefits produces an unsustainable tax burden that is destoying the school districts and municipalities in NY State and all across our country. Governor Walker's position on public service unions may be our only way out of this unsustainable tax nightmare.  If Governor Cuomo does not come up with a similar mandate and union relief policy as Wisconsin's Governor Walker, Cuomo's 2% property tax cap policy and NY State's future is doomed to failure.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Triborough Amendment is on a sinking ship

Anyone who is in favor of the Triborough Amendment is on a sinking ship. This amendment gives municipal & teacher unions a huge advantage by allowing them to continue operating under the old expired contract, which may include longevity step increases, until school districts and municipalities agree to a new "better" contract.  This amendment has destroyed the financial viability of school districts and municipalities in NY State.  Have you seen the financial numbers lately? Governor Cuomo is faced with a massive deficit and is pushing a 2% property tax cap for school districts and municipalities. However, in NY State unlike Wisconsin, Cuomo has not given schools and municipalities any mandate relief. I believe the Triborough Amendment will have to be repealed. Private sector jobs are now going to flock to Wisconsin away from Triborough Amendment states such as NY.