Saturday, August 13, 2011

Closed Regional Economic Council Meetings Prove Cuomo Secrecy

I totally agree with the August 14, 2011 Freeman Editorial.  There are 10 Regional Economic Councils which are competing for $ 1 Billion in public taxpayer money for economic development.  An early meeting to discuss priorities in the local New Paltz Economic Council meeting was closed to the public and to the press.  In general, Governor Cuomo's style is one of secrecy.  Unlike Chris Christie of New Jersey, Cuomo does not take direct questions from citizens on the radio.  He goes on his friend, Fred Dicker's radio show, but only Fred is allowed to ask questions.  His agenda is revealed in a very controlled one-sided way, ie. very little public debate.  This local economic council in New Paltz is another glaring example of shutting out public awareness and public opinion.

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