Tuesday, August 16, 2011

$25 Million Ulster County Deficit helps county make correct Golden Hill decision

The silver lining is that this bad $25 Million Ulster County budget deficit news helps the county legislators and Mike Hein make the correct decision on the future of Golden Hill.  They now can in good conscience decide to no longer subsidize Golden Hill each year.  County taxpayers should not have to pay higher taxes to subsidize Golden Hill any longer.  The Golden Hill subsidy is only going to grow in the coming years with the reduced Federal and State Medicaid support.  I am sure that a private concern would be willing to continue running Golden Hill at the high level of care that it deserves.


Ralph Mitchell said...

With decreasing Federal Medicaid funding coming very soon, Ulster County should get out of the nursing home business as soon as possible. In NY State and Ulster County, rising taxes are crushing homeowners. Any county legislator who votes to continue subsidizing the nursing home will be held accountable to adding to the crushing tax burden of Ulster County residents. Furthermore, with county nursing home ownership, our Ulster County tax increases will be going toward paying the union-sponsored jobs and escalating contract settlements at Golden Hill. The Golden Hill Nursing home should compete on equal footing with the local private nursing homes, which may not have union sponsored jobs.
Local Ulster legislators, who are thinking continuing to subsidize Golden Hill, your intentions are noble, but your results will further cripple Ulster County's ability to attract and retain young adults to live, work and buy homes in Ulster County.

Anonymous said...

agreed! Private Sector can usually run an operation more efficiently, less taxpayer waste. No such thing as cost overruns unless taxpayers are footing the bill.