Sunday, July 31, 2011

Public school teachers rarely comment on their profession, compensation & cultural issues

Did you ever notice that individual public school teachers rarely comment on their teaching profession, compensation and cultural issues?  You rarely hear them on local talk radio, in opinion letters, or local TV.  Why is that?.........Answer:  The public school teacher's career is totally guided and directed by onerous teacher's unions.  Teachers do not have the freedom to comment, suggest or speak out about the improvement of children's lives unless the union approves of it.  Give me examples to prove me wrong.  Vouchers and school competition are the answer for student, parent and teacher freedom.

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Anonymous said...

You rarely see people commenting on your blog too...what does that mean? I as a teacher have plenty of say. More importantly I'm happy going to work everyday. Maybe that's why you don't hear teachers complaining in the papers. If my dad had a union the insurance company he works for wouldn't have been able to screw him and countless other agents in 2000 even though they had a contract. A class action suit is still pending. How are vouchers going to solve anything? I interviewed at a local private school. During the interview the school administrators and teachers present asked me if I had any questions and I said "Why didn't you ask me about classroom management?" Basically how do I deal with students that are misbehaving. They responded, "We don't worry about that here because if a student acts up enough we send them to the public school." Unlike the private schools we don't get to pick and choose our kids. I wonder why many private schools do so well? The public school system will deteriorate with vouchers because the active parents who don't like the idea of their kids going to the same schools as the gangsters and thugs will send there kids elsewhere leaving the remains for me to deal with. The trouble makers will be left in the public schools because if these kids' parents were around or gave a damn enough to move them to a different school they wouldn't be trouble makers.. Then maybe private school tuition can continue to rise like everything else and maybe your vouchers stop covering the bill. Then you won't be able to afford private schooling for your children. Oh wait there's always the public schools.