Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our priorities are not Obama's priorities

Unfortunately, all 4 of Obama's 2nd Inaugural priorities of (climate change, immigration reform, gun control & gay marriage) do not touch on the 2 top priorities for everyday working people and their children.  Obama seems to ignore the 2 priorities of 1) "lessening the crippling $16 Trillion debt that we are leaving our children and grandchildren"  2)  improving the economy and job opportunities.

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Ralph Mitchell said...

My fellow bloggers have some good posts about the Kingston Freeman's Feb.17 2013 Editorial about Obama' State of the Union Agenda, however many of your posts are fixated on the gridlock fighting between the parties. I would like to agree and focus with the Freeman Editorial on the details of Obama's State of the Union proposals. 1) Climate Change - Obama and Congress cannot do much in this area. Based on thousands of years of the history of the Earth. Let's leave this item up to God.
2) Minimum Wage - Obama and Congress should realize that any increase in minimum wage with increase unemployment further among all age groups especially teenages. Remember, US companies often cannot pay higher wages. As you know, companies are already not hiring people because they cannot afford the mandates of Obamacare. 3) Expanding Pre-School programs - This expensive proposal is dead on arrival due to the lack of Federal money. I agree with the Freeman and say we should leave it up to the states. 4) Guns - Banning certain types of guns is a knee-jerk policy that is mostly a distraction to the serious mental health loopholes that allow the wrong people to own guns. 5) As was previously agreed by Obama and Congress, Sequestration should go forward to establish a mood of serious budget cutting at both Defense and Social programs. ........Obama's agenda was carefully crafted to perk the interest of individual segments of the public. As you can see, Obama's State of the Union agenda is very weak on action and sincerity about helping the jobs and lives of the American people.