Thursday, January 3, 2013

NY School Commission is Clueless

The commission's proposal is a joke, right?  They are proposing more failure for our public schools.  Do you know that only 3 states require Masters Degrees of their public school teachers (NY, Mass., and Ohio)?  The other 47 states equal or out-perform these states.  Advanced degrees hurt the teaching profession.  We don't need scholars to teacher our children.  We need down-to-earth passionate people who love to communicate with children.  Scholars often are not good at communicating with children.  Scholars often want more money for academic competence, whereas bachelor level teachers are more likely to love the art and results of teaching at a down-to-earth level.  As far as year-round school, this proposal is dead on arrival due to lack of funding.  Ask former governor Mario Cuomo.  The liberal public school elites have definitely run out of solutions for our failing public schools.   Let's try more charter schools and parent school choice via vouchers to allow parents to spend the vouchers to send their children to any public, private or parochial school that they deem best for their children.

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