Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pseudo Democracy in NY State

The Kingston Freeman published an excellent editorial on Feb.9, 2013 on Pseudo Democracy, where the secret, rushing the enactment of new state gun laws by Governor Cuomo and the state legislature was roundly criticized for violating all normal governmental steps that we learn in school civics classes.  The Freeman expressed the total frustration that many NY State citizens have about our NY State government.  In calling for the Repeal of the Triborough Amendment, we citizens are told by our elected assemblymen and senators that this repeal has no chance, since Shelly Silver and Cuomo are against it.  Again, what happened to legislative hearings where citizens get a chance to push their wishes?  NY State government operations including the way the latest Gun law was pushed through secretly makes us New Yorkers feel like we are living in a state in Communist Russia.  I am sorry, but it is true.

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