Sunday, May 20, 2012

Health Alliance Problems are Screaming Lawsuit

The main reason Health Alliance has severe red ink is the $10 Million Medicare Reimbursement Unfairness with Dutchess County.  This year and going back at least 8 years, Ulster County's hospitals get reimbursed $10 Million less than Dutchess County for the same proceedures.  The federal government, ie. Congress and the President have damaged Ulster County in the Medicare Reimbursement laws on the books.  Over the past 8 years, our politicians of both parties have failed big time to correct this unfairness.  As a direct result of this unfairness, one of the hospital campuses might close. There has been severe ($80 Million) damage done to the citizens of Kingston and Ulster County over the past 8 years by the Federal government.  This situation screams for a lawsuit by Health Alliance against the Federal Government.

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Ralph Mitchell said...

A few local people have stated this and they are correct...........Ulster County has been damaged by the UNFAIR MSA Medicare Reimbursement formula for hospitals. Ulster County hospitals, including Health Alliance (Kingston and Benedictine), which are in a Rural classification, while Dutchess County hospitals including Northern Dutchess) which are in an Urban classification, have lost $10 Million per year for 8 years or $80 Million. Yes. That is the Root of the Problem.