Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Saugerties School Board Decreases budget $1 after NO VOTE - ARROGANCE OF POWER

As I understand it, the Saugerties School Board did not announce that the contingency budget would be only $1 less if the 2nd budget vote was defeated. The ARROGANCE of POWER of the Saugerties School Board is very obvious. To make hundreds of Saugerties residents go to the polls to defeat a budget and to reward that vote with a mere $1 decrease in spending damages voter's trust and discourages voters from coming out for future votes. How can school board members live with themselves? The school board could have instituted the $1 less budget after the first budget rejection vote, without requiring interested voters to take the time and effort to come out for a second budget vote. To Saugerties voters, get serious and call Saugerties School Board of Education at 845-247-6500 and demand an end to step raises in the next teacher's contract. They are NOT required by state mandate.


Anonymous said...

Having attended a lot of the board meetings and trying to get them to act and respond in some matter makes it even more appalling at the latest board comments.
Other than Ms Bach-Tucker, who was chastised anytime she tried to recognize that she understood the voters comments and direction, the BOE was totally absent on the contingency budget and any possibilities or ramifications.
The School admin was totally irresponsible in not creating a fiscally responsible budget, but they did point out several times to the BOE that it was the BOE's responsibility to provide direction as to the budget objectives.
Saugerties has single-handedly proven that the education election and budget process is totally non-functional, and that the voters have absolutely no say in the amount of taxes they pay or how those taxes are allocated - regardless of how abused the spending.

Ralph Mitchell said...

To 10:33 PM,
Living in NY State is somewhat like living in a Communist country, such as Communist China or the former Soviet Union. In NYS, you will quickly find out that the tentacles of power and advantages that the Albany power elite such as Sheldon Silver have crafted for themselves and their union allies, make it extremely difficult for average taxpayers to vote for education and municipal government reforms, which are required to allow our young people to stay, live and work in NY State.
The power elite have their boots on our throats. The solution is to continue to speak up on radio, newspapers and demand the truth of our candidates and elected officials. Thanks for posting.