Saturday, May 7, 2011

Support Our Young Adults ------ Golden Hill (Private Ownership)

Keeping Golden Hill in Public Hands (owned by Ulster County) is a disaster for our Young Adults. Since it is well-known that Ulster County's subsidy will have to grow every year into the future, our young adults will be burdened with ever-increasing tax bills. The result will be that our young adults will continue to leave Ulster County. Look around. Why are there so few young adults settling here? High taxes. Please do not do anything that prevents our young adults from settling in Ulster County. In this age of tight money, Ulster County has to choose between a Young Adult Economy or ever increasing taxes.


foreveryoung said...

Way to go. Keep that Young Adult Economy going with the brand new jail, the methadone program, WIC, the Public Health Nurse, the Family Court, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services and all the resources used by young adults. The old timers should get as much care as they can afford when it comes to a nursing home.

Ralph Mitchell said...

To 1:08pm,
Good point! However, let's keep Golden Hill nursing home in Kingston, but let a private company like operate it. County government and taxpayers cannot continue to subsidize nursing home operations. In my opinion, Ulster County government should not be operating the other services that you mention. Private or church agencies can provide those services. By young adult economy, I mean a local economy that prides itself in low taxes. These low taxes draw the interest of businesses that will locate and expand here and hire our young adults, who will choose to live here.

Anonymous said...

If you think Hayes Clement's Memorializing Resolution is sincere...think again. He's backed by Steve Aaron who intends to get his hands on the facility.
There's more than what you read going on here.

Anonymous said...

3:31 You are so damn dead wrong.

Steve Aaron has almost nothing to do with Hayes or his campaign, and will have nothing to do with a Clement administration. Put down the Gallo kool aid.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers fund the entire nursing home industry. Medicare and Medicaid are funded through state and federal TAXES!!!!!! Your county TAXES also subsidize every medicaid bed in this county. REALLY RALPH? What private agencies do you think would fund the Family court,WIC program and the methadone clinic?

Anonymous said...

When the financial statements become available, take a good look at Hayes finances and you will see Aaron money. It may not come directly from Aaron but it will ultimately trace back.Aaron is all over Hayes campaign and is looking to get his claws into Golden Hill and back into the city's good graces. Sad that people have such short memories and forget just how much he has screwed the city in the past.
The only reason that Aaron will have nothing to do with a Clement administration is because there will be no Clement administration.