Saturday, May 14, 2011

Retain Young Adults - Remove Union Control of our NY State Economy

The Governor could be showing better leadership on our No.1 Priority -- The retention of our young adults by removing union control of our economy. A recent Marist Poll of NY State young adults shows that over 30 per cent of our young adults plan on leaving NY State soon due to the lack of jobs.  NY State is last or close to last in Economic freedom.  To me ethics reform should come after a battle royal on elimination of the Tri-borough Amendment, 2% tax cap, making NY State a right to work state like New Hampshire, moving school board voting to November, and others.  Let's face it, our young people will continue to leave our state until the above reforms are enacted.

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Anonymous said...

I agree the Tri-bourogh amendment needs to go. Then the Taylor law could be rendered unconstitutional and public employees would actually be given the right to strike like any other working person in this country.