Sunday, February 27, 2011

Get rid of the union-led school systems which rely on unfair group rewards

Unfortunately, our very important teachers are under the thumb of "aggressive" union leaders whose #1 objective is to collect union dues and spend the dues to elect politicians favorable to the union.  Please let me convince you that this #1 priority of union leaders interferes and eventually destroys educational excellence.  The individual teachers will not stick their neck out to work with administrators to better education with this union-led system.  The solution is to get rid of the union-led system which relies on unfair "group rewards" where all teachers get the same raises and step increases.  We need a competitive educational system which encourages the public, private and parochial schools to compete for students who will pay for their schooling with government issued school vouchers.  If we had true educational competition as the colleges do, you would see a tremendous resurgence and improvement in the education of our youth.

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Anonymous said...

Hiding in plain sight - 20 million given away by school board to union. Untrained retired social studies teacher bleeding out over 200K per year for administration. Double dipping x 10!