Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Triborough Amendment is on a sinking ship

Anyone who is in favor of the Triborough Amendment is on a sinking ship. This amendment gives municipal & teacher unions a huge advantage by allowing them to continue operating under the old expired contract, which may include longevity step increases, until school districts and municipalities agree to a new "better" contract.  This amendment has destroyed the financial viability of school districts and municipalities in NY State.  Have you seen the financial numbers lately? Governor Cuomo is faced with a massive deficit and is pushing a 2% property tax cap for school districts and municipalities. However, in NY State unlike Wisconsin, Cuomo has not given schools and municipalities any mandate relief. I believe the Triborough Amendment will have to be repealed. Private sector jobs are now going to flock to Wisconsin away from Triborough Amendment states such as NY.

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Anonymous said...

The entire Taylor law needs to be done away with.

Municipalities should have the right to freeze salaries and take a hardline stance in negotiations. And the unions should have the right to conduct job actions and strike if they want. And the municipalities should have the right to fire them if they strike.

This is how you let the market decide if salaries and benefits are fair. If the worker really is being screwed then a strike will force better pay and benefits because no one else will want the job. But if the workers are really overpaid, then when they are dumb enough to play hardball there will be plenty of people waiting in the wings to get on the gravy train.

All the Taylor Law does is turn the union workers into slaves and it turns the taxpayers into slaves. But it allows the union leadership and politicians to benefit.