Monday, February 14, 2011

2 partners in the demise of our Schools in NYS

There are 2 partners in the demise of our Schools in NYS, 1) NYS laws extremely favorable to municipal and teacher's unions (Tri-borough amendment, lavish pensions, unfair arbitration process, etc.) and 2) Teacher's Unions which are continuing to demand raises and benefit swaps.  The school systems are disappearing before our eyes.  What will we be left with?  Hopefully, 1) School vouchers and 2) Individual Professional contracts for individual teachers (ie. If a teacher is good they get raises, If not, they do not get raises. We could involve the parents in the "grading" of teachers for purposes of getting individual raises.) Let's move toward excellence, getting rid of unfair group rewards for teacher's unions. 

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Anonymous said...

School Board Chief wants another audit? - how about we pay City Comptroller, Gretzinger and Police Chief about $ 500K per year in salary and benefits to be watchdogs already. He cries that pension and health insurance makes next budget go up - he just gave raises of 3%? Buy a swamp, make Union leader a 200K year unqualified Czar of $ 20 million stolen from district taxpayers.