Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Can Voters Do in this November's ELECTION ?

What can we the people do to begin to 1) Make our schools better, 2) Lower taxes, 3) Keep more young adults in New York State and in Ulster County?

The answer is ---- DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY CANDIDATE WHO RECEIVES UNION SUPPORT..........For a list of candidates who receive Union support, come back to this BLOG. The list will be updated over the next few weeks.  If you know of candidates who receive Union support, please help us out by posting to this blog.  Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Teetsel was rude to you Tuesday on KCR. He complained that you were expressing you opinion on radio and said everyone should go to the Council Committee meetings to be effective. What a joke! He spent 4 years on the Council and did nothing but raise property taxes.

Ralph Mitchell said...

To 8:20am,

Thanks for your comment. They ended my call before I got to say the following. "Al, it is okay to debate City of Kingston Cat Laws, but you do not want us to debate City budget expenses and taxes on KCR radio." For that we must go to the City Council meetings." Something is wrong with that idea. Either City Government is being naive or there is a effort to keep discussion of expenses and taxes behind closed doors, away from the public's eyes and ears.