Sunday, August 22, 2010

DO YOU WANT TO HEAR A BAD IDEA - Demolishing the MJM Building as part of the KHS $86 Million Renovation

Any KHS Renovation Plan that demolishes usable classroom space such as the MJM Building is a BAD IDEA.  First of all, the elementary population in the Kingston District has decreased dramatically.  There is a 22 percent vacancy rate in the elementary schools.  Some of these elementary schools will become available for KHS usage eventually.  Let's not demolish any schools and rebuild them at a cost of $86 Million.  Let's face it.  Those days are over.


Anonymous said...

Since 2001, there were those who actually served on the school board who tried to "clean house" and warn the public. However, the apathy in the district is SO SEVERE, the union keeps control of the game each year with the selection of liberal spending board members.

The public decided to believe the "spin" set up by the Daily Fishwrapper, which was nothing more than the usual power brokers in town protecting their self interests.

They elect them over and over. WAKE UP KINGSTON!!!

I moved to another state.

Anonymous said...

What is a bad idea is spending any $ before voter approval for a Board which admits has not kept up with routine maintenance in the existing facility. Crayon drawings for $ 150,000 to Herzogs swampland - shame on Shaughnessy.