Sunday, August 8, 2010

Reject Union Control - Reject both Cuomo for Gov and DiNapoli for Comptroller

The powerful teacher's unions run the schools. How do we know this? The unions control the compensation plan via their unfair advantage in contract negotiations. Where is the evidence of unions controlling the compensation plan. The unions will not agree to individual good teacher merit pay, but they will agree to giving teacher's step pay increases for longevity and agree to giving teacher's pay raises for taking college courses in teaching. In other words, the unions will not let individual teachers be given pay increases for excellent results with the students in their classroom, but the unions will allow teachers to get pay increases as a group for courses and longevity. The key to a successful operation is control of individual compensation not group compensation. That is why I say the teacher's unions run the schools and why our schools could be much better if a school boss gave raises to individual successful classroom teachers for excellent individual student successes. I don't know about you, but I am tired of wasting our New York State children's lives and futures for the benefit of union raises and nonsense. For this November's election, do not vote for any state candidate who gets union support. For starters, do not vote for Andrew Cuomo for governor or do not vote for Thomas DiNapoli, both who receive heavy union support.


Ralph Mitchell said...

In the August 5th Albany Times-Union, the following information is noted:

"ALBANY -- Major labor groups are lining up behind Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, an incumbent Democrat betting that the "boots on the ground" provided by unions will help him weather a challenge of a better-financed Republican.

"This is going to be an interesting election year, and your support is key -- because I know when labor is behind you, you have the best possible team behind you," DiNapoli said Wednesday after he was formally endorsed by the 2.5 million-member AFL-CIO. "Certainly in terms of an ability to mobilize a vote in a year where some people suggest that turnout may be problematic ... is a significant boost to our campaign."

Three years after he was selected by legislators to succeed Alan Hevesi, DiNapoli has struggled to gain broad recognition in New York and faces a Republican opponent, former hedge fund manager Harry Wilson, who has more cash available for the race. Wilson is hoping that mass-media advertising will help him overcome low recognition and turnout, and that an electorate shown by polls to be frustrated with the status quo will opt for him over someone who has "lived on the public dole for a quarter-century."

Anonymous said...

All politicians received record campaign contributions during this budget battle masquerade they conduct every year.

Anonymous said...

Kingston 100K + teacher's get retirement bonuses - not bad for part-time work. Shame on Trusttee Bowers comment in Freeman - "cream of the crop"? Shame on all Board members now and in the past that allowed this to happen.