Sunday, July 18, 2010

Had Enough of Union Damage to NY State - Reject Cuomo

The pressure tactics by the HIGHLAND teacher's union mentioned in the July 18, 2010 Kingston Freeman article is a clear piece of evidence why we New York State taxpayers and voters must reject any candidate who is supported by union money. Based on this, New Yorkers should REJECT Andrew Cuomo for Governor who has and continues to benefit from union support. Let's balance out the Albany legislative Democratic power monopoly of the NY State Assembly and Senate by electing Rick Lazio or Carl Paladino. I make this suggestion purely based on taxpayer logic and hope for a better future for we taxpayers and our children and grandchildren. If you would like to discuss further, please go to my Blog at ULSTERTAX.BLOGSPOT.COM

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Ralph Mitchell said...

When voting this November, ask if the candidate is getting UNION (Teacher Union Support). If the answer is YES, DO NOT VOTE FOR THOSE RECEIVING Union Support! ..........I guess that rejects Andrew Cuomo who is heavily supported by the teacher unions and by his friend and fellow New York City resident Assembly majority leader Sheldon Silver. If you DON'T want your children to continue leaving NY State, REJECT ANDREW CUOMO.