Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ulster County - Let's bring in Larger Firms for Higher Wages

Today on KCR, talking with Ward Todd, I mentioned that the average wage for Ulster County residents is very low, about $13,000 less than Dutchess County residents.  I told Ward that we need to do more to attract medium to large companies to the county, using the SUNY Ulster College's Start Up NY designation at TechCity (former IBM site). I mentioned that we are emphasizing small business and tourism development almost exclusively.  This results in low average wages compared to Dutchess County.  We have very visible evidence of our low Ulster County wages........Look at the Hudson Valley Mall where one by one stores are closing at the mall.  The lack of Ulster County and City of Kingston having an aggressive plan for attracting medium to large companies to the area is hurting the lives of our residents, especially our young people looking for good-paying jobs for raising a family.  The Start Up NY program at SUNY Ulster-TechCity offers
10 years of no income taxes for companies moving from out of state.  Why don't our leaders aggressively use this Start Up NY designation to bring medium and large companies to the area?

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Ralph Mitchell said...

Greg. You are absolutely correct. This is a bad precedent where environmentalists continue to scare development away from Ulster County. Our local politicians need to fight for any meaningful economic development. Our local Ulster County politicians are addicted to applying for Federal and State grants as opposed to welcoming private developers to our area by fighting for their projects and lowering taxes.