Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Catskill Mt.Railroad deserves to win the Pride of Ulster County Award

I agree that Catskill Mt.Railroad deserves to win the Pride of Ulster County Award from the UC Chamber of Commerce.  Let all Ulster County Businesses tell Ward Todd that we want to give the Pride of Ulster County Award to the Catskill Mt.Railroad.  I want to urge local citizens and businesses to get involved and take back our Ulster County business climate.  Some local environmentalists and trail advocates are destroying are business climate by sending the message that Ulster County politicians and leaders are not fighting and pushing back on the unreasonable demands of environmentalists and trail advocates.  Ulster County's average wages are $13,000 lower than Dutchess County.  Ulster County's wages are going to remain low if we citizens and businesses don't get involved and tell our politicians and leaders that we want them to push back against environmentalists and trail advocate and to allow private developers and the Catskill Mt.Railroad people to help grow our local economy and grow our local wages.

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Ralph Mitchell said...

Look at the Hudson Valley Mall, where one store after another is closing. This is direct evidence that the average wages in Ulster County are too low to sustain a mall's merchants. Our economy is not growing sufficiently. Our young people are leaving the area and environmentalists are causing interested developers and businesses to walk away from our area.