Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Niagara Water Sale is Needed to Keep Kingston Water Rates from Going Up 32 percent

I urge city residents and Town of Ulster Water users to call Shayne Gallo, Mike Hein, Supervisor Quigley, your Alderman and tell them if the Niagara Water Sale deal fails and your water bills go up 32 percent, you are not going to be happy that the local politicians didn't fight to keep

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Ralph Mitchell said...

I agree Kingston alderman Brad Will's proposal for banning plastic bags and Styrofoam is nonsense. It is government gone wild. Tackle ways to equalize homestead and business tax rates. Let's slash the Fire Dept.budget in half by using paid drivers and volunteer firefighters as they do in the City of Middletown. Look at the Town of Ulster Fire Dept. I am very against restricting the use of plastic bags and Styrofoam. The word is already gone out that Ulster County and the City of Kingston are Anti-business. Look how we chased Niagara Bottling out of town.