Thursday, January 22, 2015

County Executive Hein continues to harass the Catskill Mt.RR.

County Executive Hein continues to harass the Catskill Mt.RR.  He has "blinked" a little from our enthusiastic support for the RR.  He has agreed to the 2 mile run from Kingston Plaza to Hurley, but he wants to rip up the tracks from Hurley to Mt.Pleasant (ie.around the Ashokan Resevoir) for a trail.  The RR wants to continue to volunteer to referbish the 6 miles of track from Hurley to Glenford, which will allow Adult Dinner Rides and transportation for tourists from Kingston Plaza to the Ashokan Reservoir.  Tourists would park at Kingston Plaza, take the train to the Reservoir, and come back to Kingston Plaza to get their cars, to local hotels and restaurants and spend money in Kingston.



The fight goes on.  The following Freeman article describes the latest on Ulster County's court harassment of CMRR from County Legislator Dave Donaldson's point of view.




Anonymous said...

Ralph. You are loosing credibility everyday. You went on the radio and called on Hein To let Cmrr keep at least the track they operate on now up to Hurleay mt road. Hein gave you exactly what you asked for and now it's not good enough. Let me know if you want me to send you the recording from the radio. You sound like a cry baby

Ralph Mitchell said...

I want to sound logical when talking about the stretch of track from Hurley to Glenford Dike. Logic says that you are planning to finance a wide looping
walk-around for the trail before Hurley to connect with the Hurley Rail Trail and eventually have the trail getting across Rt.209 via an underpass. Why would you want to Rip Up railroad tracks from Hurley to Glenford to replace it with a trail. Logic says leave the tracks and continue to design trail walk-arounds as necessary to continue the trail from Hurley to the Glenford dike. Does that sound logical?

Anonymous said...

Ralph. You did not answer my question. Didn't you go on the radio and call on the county to let the Cmrr continue its operation from the plaza to Hurley mt road? Please admit that you got exactly what you asked for and now you want more. Pigs get fat but hogs gel slaughtered Ralph