Sunday, November 16, 2014

To Mike Hein - Polar Express Not Interested in Sites Away from Kingston

On the Kingston Plaza section of the tracks, I want to refute Mike Hein's statement that the wildly successful Thomas The Train & Polar Express events could be held at Mt.Tremper.  After showing event planners the sites away from Kingston, CMRR has documentation that they are not interested in the sites away from Kingston, because there are not enough businesses to cater to the event visitors. The event planners indicated that the Kingston Plaza railroad track location is ideal for these events. Train visitors get the added benefit of visiting "Historic Kingston" with all its unique amenities. Please join us in concluding that we should Keep the Kingston Plaza railroad tracks in place so our local businesses can continue to thrive from the CMRR events which are on track of drawing 30,000 visitors per year to the Kingston Plaza railroad tracks.

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