Monday, September 8, 2014

Catskill Mt. Train Rides - Kingston & Ulster County's new visible, high power tourist attraction

Congratulations to the Catskill Mt. Railroad on the resounding success this past weekend of attracting over 4000 riders to their Thomas the Train ride at the Kingston Plaza railroad tracks.  Kingston has finally found a high power, visible Tourist attraction that will continue to draw new people and new money to Kingston and Ulster County, year-round.  Let's urge Mayor Gallo and County Executive Hein and the Ulster County Legislature to get On-board the tremendous Tourism Attraction.


Ralph Mitchell said...

We citizens of Kingston and Ulster County want to convince Mike Hein and Shayne Gallo that the the Tourism Potential of the Kingston Plaza railroad location is unlimited. Think about the restaurant, retail, hotel, connections to the Rondout, Rhinbeck, Uptown business. The longer you hold out for segmented railroad and Trolley rides, the more foolish you will appear to the public. This Kingston Plaza railroad location is pure gold, located right on Exit 19. The location is visible and powerful. This railroad location's potential draw dwarfs the Walkway Over The Hudson. Wow. Very impressive Kingston and Ulster County.

Ralph Mitchell said...

Thomas the Train brought in 5,000 riders in 3 days this past weekend. I don't think we want to hear County Executive Hein or Mayor Gallo say they are going to rip up the Kingston Plaza tracks. Let's all start making our phone calls. For Mike Hein, call 845-340-3636. For Mayor Gallo, call 845-334-3902.

Ralph Mitchell said...

Read the Freeman Online article. Mike Hein is stubbornly sticking to his plan to rip up the Kgn Plaza Railroad.