Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ulster County priority -- Young Adult Economy -- Reject Golden Hill status quo

I agree with County Executive Mike Hein's goal of keeping the 280 nursing home beds in the Kingston area.  However, the solution to this goal should in no way continue the annual $4 to $9 Million county subsidy and should in no way burden the county taxpayers to pay for a $160 Million new nursing home.  I look to Mike Hein's leadership skills to propose a road map on how to accomplish his goal of keeping the 280 nursing home beds in the Kingston area without any burden to county residents.  Remember, Mike Hein's goal is to preserve the 280 beds, not to preserve the status quo of Golden Hill.  Remember, Ulster County has to emphasize helping our young adults to stay here to work, buy homes and raise families.  This priority comes ahead of preserving the status quo at Golden Hill.  The Golden Hill tax burden will work against our young adult economy for many years to come.  Mike, we need your leadership skills on this issue.


Anonymous said...

Have you attended any of the informational meetings on Golden Hill? Have you attended any of the committee meetings? Have you checked your figures to make sure you are sending the right message? This is not the county executive's call; it is up to the Legislature to decide what the fate of the complex is going to be. If you had attended any of the mentioned meetings you would know that. Are you finally going to run for some political office be it school board candidate, legislature or alderman? Step into the ring and make a difference. People get tired of listening to your rants.

Anonymous said...

using the term leadership, and the name Mike Hein is the same sentence is an oxymoron. What leadership?? What in heavens name are you smoking.??

Ralph Mitchell said...

Mike Hein is a visable leader on some policies, but not on Golden Hill. For example, he is the leader of Shared Services Policy among highway departments for plowing, etc. He is the leader for Nepotism Policy for Ulster County hiring. He is the leader for Zero Tax Increase Policy. He is the leader on the county complaints about NYC Reservoir release of mud into our downstream county waterways. Therefore, we should be hearing from him on the Golden Hill policy. As county chief executive, you cannot pick and choose when to lead on policy positions.