Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Apply Kingston's $1 Million Surplus to a Zero Tax Increase

Let's apply the surplus announced to a Zero Tax increase or a Tax Decrease. If the City of Kingston can brag about a Zero Tax Increase, businesses will return to the vacant business properties.  In addition, residential property owners need this tax break badly so they can continue avoid foreclosure and stay in Kingston.


Anonymous said...

There could be more of a savings but no one is minding the candy jar. We await the comptroller's report and hope it continues to be good news, but he's one of the department heads who went over on his line items and has begged for a new position in his office, which was subsequently shot down. Another meeting you missed Ralph. When are you announcing for alderman, legislator, school board candidate?

Anonymous said...

Just for once can't we commend the Comptroller and yes even the Mayor
for this bit of good news.