Thursday, October 7, 2010

Critical Vote for the Lives of Our Young People--Paladino Over Cuomo (NYC)

To my fellow voters-especially parents and grandparents, this is a very sincere appeal to your reason.  Sheldon Silver Assembly leader from NY City is a major reason why our beautiful state has become second rate due to his catering to special legal and union interests over the tax cutting will of the people and why our children and grandchildren have and will continue to leave NY.  Andrew Cuomo loves and admires Sheldon Silver.  There is no way Andrew Cuomo will be able to loosen Shelly Silver's grip on the power to stop reform in NY.  At best, Cuomo will achieve a weak compromise with Silver.  Please don't compromise when it comes to the lives of your children and grandchildren.  Put Carl Paladino in there to break the New York City/Sheldon Silver stranglehold on our NY Government.  This is a critical vote for the lives of our young people.

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Ralph Mitchell said...

Protect your children and grandchildren.
Consider Carl Paladino for Governor. Currently, New York is the highest taxed state in the US. Please consider the following facts and logic.

1) The NY State legislature is dysfunctional.
2) Shelly Silver is in control of the Assembly. He is beholden to the NYS Teacher's Union.
3) Andrew Cuomo and his father Mario are close friends with Shelly Silver where they live in NY City.
4) Instead of slashing expenses this year, the NY legislature and Gov.Patterson added new taxes and fees.
5) More and more teachers have been laid off, since the teacher's unions refuse to allow the politicians to reform teacher's pensions.
6) These higher taxes and fees are chasing small and large companies to leave NY State.
7) Most new jobs in NY State are jobs subsidized by government, which is almost broke. These subsidies may soon stop.
8) Therefore, if you love your children and grandchildren, you will vote for Paladino as a NY State spending and tax slasher to counterbalance the cozy Shelly Silver-Andrew Cuomo-Union alliance which has milked the tax payers over the years. Please consider Paladino to allow our children and grandchildren to have a chance to stay in NY State.