Friday, December 4, 2009

Kingston Council Votes 7 to 2 to INCREASE TAXES 9 % in 2010

The following aldermen WHO WON RE-ELECTION this year voted YES to RAISE Kingston TAXES 9% for 2010 in one of the worse financial years in recent memory........Bill Reynolds....Charlie Landi.....Tom Hoffay.....Shirley Whitlock..........These aldermen along with.... Mayor Sottile....... have set the stage for one of the most painful budget years ever in 2011, where the Fire and Police unions will be getting DOUBLE RAISES.......AND the US and NYS governments are flirting with BANKRUPTCY. Throughout 2010, we should be reminding........Bill Reynolds ....Charlie Landi.....Tom Hoffay.....Shirley Whitlock.....Mayor Sottile.....that they did a poor job on the 2010 budget that has set the stage for further DECLINE of Kingston RESIDENTS and BUSINESSES.


Bill Berardi said...

We were publicly lied to - about a third of the City had a 10% tax increase. The rest of the City had a special reduction in assessments so they had a 3% increase. I have tried for several weeks to get answers from our Mayor, Assessor, GAR consulting and my Alderman Reynolds as to where the neighborhhod lines are and why only some parts of the City had assessments reduced. Alderman Reynolds was helpful in getting a response from the Assessor who then directed me to GAR who re-directed me back to the City. Bureacracy at it's worst.

Anonymous said...

Taxes up 10% and services cut. central Hudson 8% increase but services maintained.