Monday, August 11, 2014

Keep the Kingston Plaza Railroad Open

I respectfully disagree with the Kingston Land Trust.  My top priority is to keep the railroad operating as it does now from the Kingston Plaza to the the Hurley Corn fields.  I urge residents that agree with me to call their county legislators to tell them to Leave the Kingston Plaza railroad in operation.  Tell them to vote NO next Tuesday, August 19, 2014 on Lynn. Archer's Ulster Legislature Resolution 275 which wants to rip up the Kingston Plaza railroad for a hiking, biking trail.  Vote NO on 275 which will allow our children, disabled, seniors, parents and tourists to enjoy the short train ride from the Kingston Plaza to the Hurley Flats.
Remember the old Broadway Kingston Post Office that was torn down for a Jack in the Box.
Let's not make another foolish mistake with the Kingston Plaza Train Ride.

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Ralph Mitchell said...

Vote NO on UC Resolution 275, which has the main purpose of ripping up the Kingston Plaza railroad, which is enjoyed by many local citizens and tourists. It is so obvious that

a trail could locate along side the Kingston Plaza railroad. Why do my fellow citizens insist on ripping up the Kingston Plaza railroad? The Catskill Mt.Railroad people have sold over 3000 tickets for Tommy the Train show on the Kingston Plaza railroad. Are you trail advocates going to be able to withstand the sadness and outcry from our children, seniors and tourists if you are successful tearing up the Kingston Plaza railroad? To the local UC legislators, I suggest you think with an open mind and with an even hand before

you vote for 275. If you vote for 275, be prepared to explain your vote to we citizens afterword. For train tickets for Thomas the Train, Peanuts Pumpkin Express & the Christmas Polar Express, go to