Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kevin Cahill - Repeal the Triborough Amendment

Clarification of today's debate with Kevin Cahill. NYS Public Employees were barred from striking way before the Triborough Amendment. The enactment of the Triborough Amendment was a Hugh Carey election year union power grab to maintain terms and conditions of employment after the expiration of a contract. The real disaster of Triborough is that it requires continuation of all the terms of the contract, including binding grievance arbitration and collecting union dues (not required under the private sector decisions or the Triborough “doctrine”). To make matters worse, it was interpreted by the courts as taking away the legislative determination, to the extent that a legislative body cannot impose less favorable terms through a legislative determination unless the union puts all the terms “in play” by participating in the legislative hearing process, which they never do. In other words, school boards and municipalities have NO negotiating power at all.  Repealing this awful Triborough Amendment is what Kevin Cahill should be fighting for in Albany, not intefering and quibbling about Mike Hein Safety Net/Sales Tax policy that was already decided by Ulster County government.


Ralph Mitchell said...

Assemblyman Cahill is a member of the Assembly. It was his responsibility to show leadership to be sure that Ulster County and the City of Kingston taxpayers were not harmed by any bickering. Remember Hein publicly agreed with the concept of the county taking over Safety Net over time. If I was Cahill, that would have been good enough for me. Why was Cahill risking damage to the county and the City of Kingston by quibbling over a 3 year versus a 5 year staged take-over of Satety Net by the county. Cahill caused this harm quibbling over splitting hairs over Safety Net when he will not even listen to our local pleas for the Repeal of the Tripborough Amendment. Let's tell Kevin that Repeal of Triborough is the #1 Mandate Relief item for towns, cities and school districts. That's what we want him to have courage to fight for.

Ralph Mitchell said...

The taxpayers need relief and a stop to ever-rising school budgets when student enrollment is plummeting. You cannot lower school budgets when the Triborough Amendment pushes salary, benefits and pensions up and up and up, never down.