Thursday, June 6, 2013

School Vote Should be November 5th NOT December 10th.

Ulster County's Election Commissioners have verified that school budget votes could be handled on Election Day in November. Therefore, why not have this important building vote when everyone comes out to vote in November? This is the same subtle voter suppression technique that is used for the School Budget and school board votes held in May instead of November.  Let's call a spade a spade.  If the KHS renovation/expansion Vote is held on Election Day, many more people will vote and express their opinion and the project would probably be voted down.  If the KHS renovation/expansion Vote is held on December 10th, during the Christmas shopping season, the vote total will be way down and the building project could possibly pass.  Is this anyway to run a democracy?  I  don't think so.  The Kingston School Board and administration should be ashamed of themselves.  This is pure bold arrogance.


Ralph Mitchell said...

Believe me. A renovated KHS would not entice one company to settle here. Companies need tax breaks, a tax-free and crime-free area to come here. They want to see private investment, not just government-sponsored school makeovers.

Ralph Mitchell said...

Hogwash! .....Having the KHS Renovation Vote on Dec.10th, instead of Election Day, Nov.5th, when many more people go to the polls, is "VOTER SUPPRESSION" or better yet "VOTER SELECTION". Padalino and the school board only want a predictable result where the Kingston Teachers Union and their friends and family come out in droves to pass this $135 Million project over the wishes of the majority of taxpayers who may not vote in a special "one issue election" on Dec.10th, 2 weeks before Christmas.

Ralph Mitchell said...

Calling all Taxpayers in the Kingston School District -------- We need to demand a change to this Dec.10th Referendum voting day to Nov.5th Election day. We can save substantial money for the Board of Ed's expense to run a Dec.10th election and we can get a fair vote on the KHS Renovation Project. Are there any suggestions on how to convince the Board of Ed. to change this voting date to Nov.5th?