Sunday, May 12, 2013

What is Wrong with This Picture? --- The Case for School Vouchers

Let's do the Math.  It costs the Kingston School district and other NY State school districts around $15,000 to $20,000 per year to educate each child in their districts.  On the other hand, it costs
$3000 per year to send your child to local Catholic elementary schools.  What is the reason for this
$12,000 per year discrepancy?  There are 2 big reasons.  1) Uncontrollable increases in teacher union contracts including automatic step raises for all, benefit increases, pensions, plus percentage contract increases and 2)  Administrative overhead expenses.  Let's face it.  Education only requires a committed teacher and well-disciplined, enthusiastic children in a safe building.  How are we going to get Our education system back?  We are going to propose a small change to the New York State Constitution that will :"allow school vouchers to education our children".   These vouchers will then give each New York State parent or guardian a voucher of about $3000 or $4000 for each of their children between the ages of 5 to 17, to send their children to the schools of their choice, including public, private and parochial schools.  We will end up with drastically lower education bills and a superior, vibrant and competitive education system, which will put students first and teachers second.
Any volunteers interested in working on this project, let me know.

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Ralph Mitchell said...

Common Core Centralized Curricula for Elementary Children is destroying children's love for learning via harsh testing results.
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Please. Let's keep pushing for school vouchers, charter schools and home schooling, because centralized state/federally controlled schools are poison for our children and for our culture. The evidence is so obvious.