Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kingston School Board Promotes Poverty not Prosperity

The Kingston School Board is kidding......right? The Kingston Area is reeling with 9.4% unemployment, which is a full 2 percentage points higher than the national unemployment rate of 7.3 percent. We are closing 4 elementary schools and we are stilling giving teachers raises and raising taxes and on top of that you want to start universal pre-K. Please come to your senses and realize that you are destroying the ability of the Kingston area to attract serious businesses that will pay decent full time wages so families will want to settle here. Studies have shown that the positive effects of Head Start wear off around the 3rd grade. Universal Pre-K will siphon school funds away from basic reading writing and arithmetic and will put another burden around the necks of family and business taxpayers. Kingston School Board members, please start looking at the big picture. You are destroying the Kingston area, making it a 2nd rate community, whose product is poverty and not prosperity.

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Ralph Mitchell said...

If we citizens do not VOTE DOWN this ridiculous budget, we are doomed. We bought into the closing of 4 schools, sending 5th graders to middle school, larger class sizes, shared teaching assignments. Now school administrators want us to give teachers raises plus their automatic step raises PLUS give ourselves a 2.5 percent TAX INCREASE. In other words, we are penalizing ourselves and our children so we can give teachers raises that we cannot afford. DEFINITELY VOTE NO.