Saturday, March 23, 2013

New York State School Voucher Amendment

NY State is in a downward economic spiral which keeps the state close to the bottom of 50 states in being attractive to economic expansion. This year again, the outflow of people moving out of NY state is greater than the amount of people moving here. As you know, every 10 years, NY State loses more population relative to other states and therefore has fewer and fewer members of the House of Representatives. People and businesses continue to leave NY State, because the municipal and school taxes are too high. What does this say? It says that relative to the other states, NY State is getting poorer and can expect less clout in Congress. If our state is getting poorer and we will be getting less federal funding, we cannot expect increases in state aid to our local public schools. Therefore, what is the solution? We must consider an open competitive education environment where innovative private, parochial and charter schools are allowed to compete with our present public schools which are dominated and being milked dry by the powerful grip of the NY State Teachers Union. You will continue to see the obvious evidence of this destruction of our public schools by the excessive salary and benefits that our public school teachers receive relative to the ability of NY State homeowners and businesses ability to pay the taxes. What is the evidence? Many school districts are closing schools, increasing class size and laying off teachers. Therefore, we must get busy on a simple amendment to the NY State Constitution which allows our state to fund education with parental school vouchers, which can be used to pay for their children's education at the public, private, or parochial school of their choice. Competition among public, private and parochial schools will drastically lower our school taxes and will allow NY State to become a more attractive and affordable place to live, work and raise a family.


Ralph Mitchell said...

Vouchers can have "no strings attached". For example, Federal vouchers, called, Pell Grants can be used at any Public or Private college. There are no mandates on private colleges which take Pell grants directly from students.

Ralph Mitchell said...

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