Saturday, October 27, 2012

NYS Mandate Relief - Support Castelli Assembly bill

Mandate Relief.  Let's be specific.  What needs to be repealed to give school districts and municipalities the most mandate relief? The answer is the Repeal of the Triborough Amendment.  Support the Repeal of the Triborough Amendment, which allows Automatic Step Raises and all expired contract clauses to continue after a contract is expired and the parties are still negotiating a new contract.  Triborough makes it impossible for school boards and municipal leaders to negotiate more reasonable contracts that we taxpayers can afford.  The Triborough Amendment law is causing the destruction of our NYS school districts and municipal budgets  right before our eyes.  Tell your NY State Assembly and Senate candidates to support the Robert Castelli bill, which would Repeal the Triborough Amendment in the NY State Assembly.  Let's start talking specifically about supporting the Robert Castelli bill.  Otherwise, just saying "mandate relief" falls on deaf ears.

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