Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kingston's #1 Problem to be solved is the inability to afford union contracts.

Kingston's #1 Problem to be solved is the inability to afford the present and future union contracts. The evidence for this is Mayor Sottile wanted to make city residents pay for garbage pickup. When that didn't fly, he closed the budget shortfall using about $1.2 Million of the reserve fund, leaving only about $1.5 Million for next year's reserve fund. Also, the city has about $2 to $3 Million of unfunded pensions for the union workers. Get the picture.  By the way, what is the solution to this union contract problem?

The Solution is to completely reset these contracts and start over, ie. less pay, less benefits, less pensions. How can this be done? There is one item on this solution list -- Chapter 6 Municipal Bankruptcy. If there is a smart person out there who has a second better solution, please let us know. All I know is, without bold decisions, Kingston will have more crime, higer taxes, dirtier streets, less jobs and fewer and fewer young people buying homes and raising families here.  Kingston is a city with so much potential, but no bold leadership.


Anonymous said...

The State solved the problem - announce layoffs - Unions signed no raise, relaxed work rules and employee contributions from employees for health benefits.

Ralph Mitchell said...

To 10:23am,
Excellent solution for Kingston's police and DPW unions. However, what is your solution for the Kingston Fire Dept. union which has a No Layoff clause in its contract?