Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It is IMMORAL for the City of Kingston or the Kingston Schools to call for Pay Increases and Tax Increases.  We taxpayers especially in NY State have been taken for FOOLS for so long. The new taxpayer rallying cry should be DON'T INCREASE OUR TAXES TO GIVE UNION WORKERS RAISES WHEN THERE ARE PLENTY OF POTENTIALLY QUALIFIED FIREMEN, POLICEMEN AND TEACHERS WHO WILL DO QUALITY WORK FOR LESS IF GIVEN A CHANCE.  Let's get our local governments back in control with the flexibility they need to balance their budgets without increasing taxes.  Let's debate and discuss future Police, Fire and Teacher contracts in the open with the issue of NO Tax Increases firmly on the table.


Ralph Mitchell said...

Maybe the Mayor Sottile is correct in negotiating Police and Fire contract items through the media, posturing for the next contract coming in 2011. In my opinion, the new contracts should be negotiated in the media so the public can know the contract issues and can give their opinions and their direction to their elected officials. No more contract surprises. The people want openness and truth upfront.. no more backroom, quiet deals at taxpayers expense.

Anonymous said...

How can the City Fire Department restrict which ambulance comes to me when I call 911 when they are not allowed to control which company picks up my trash?