Friday, September 17, 2010

BASIC LOGIC --- Why fewer students? People and Jobs have left us.

BASIC LOGIC ------ If there are fewer students and fewer buildings, there should be less personnel including teachers, administrators and support people and there should be a reduction in school taxes, not an increase...............Why are there fewer students?  Because people and jobs have left our school district due to high taxes and unusually high teachers salaries and benefits....Reject all politicians who are supported by Andrew Cuomo and Tom DiNapoli.


Anonymous said...

Senator Larkin also enjoys union support; yet you choose to omit him?

You're a phoney.

Ralph Mitchell said...

To 7:17PM,

Cuomo and DiNapoli are financially supported by Unions. This heavy union support would guarantee that NY State will continue to decay if Cuomo and DiNapoli are elected.
You are correct that Larkin and Bonasic are endorsed by the AFL-CIO union.

Anonymous said...

Vote with our feet - get out of here!