Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Correct me if I am wrong, but I did not read or hear about teachers and support people forgoing their raises and automatic step increases for 2010 and 2011. Most of the other suggestions are smokescreens and "feel good" suggestions which obscure the reality of this CRISIS which has the potential of destroying our local school district via massive layoffs. The Teacher's Union leaders will allow the school district to go over the cliff before cooperating will a serious effort to SAVE OUR SCHOOLS.

What person or event will put a stop to these OUT OF CONTROL union contracts and their salary increases. Leaders who are HONEST will work to repeal the laws which allow union contracts grow out of control in NY STATE. The DISMANTLING of our local school districts via teacher and support layoffs combined with a hopeless BANKRUPTCY situation is the WHAT could stop this insanity. WE THE PEOPLE should keep up the pressure on School Superintendents and School Boards by refusing to accept silly nonsense which is used to justify any salary increases in this EMERGENCY situation. Also, we need SCHOOL VOUCHERS which will allow parents to have their children attend any school with a government voucher of $5000. In other words, the school tax money goes to the parents via a voucher, and parents choose their schools by giving them the voucher. With vouchers, we will have school competition, which will make them better, more efficient and cheaper. Our young teachers will have several schools where they can look for work, instead of dealing with one local Human Resource department. It SOUNDS GOOD doesn't it. Let's try it. Tell Kevin Cahill, Larkin and Bonasic that you want School vouchers.


Anonymous said...

Having Board members who have family members employed by the district - is that nepotism or conflict of interest? Ask Mike Hein

or Legislators who have family employed by County?

Anonymous said...

Or former legislators becoming high paid employees - Matthews, Mihm, McMikel, Roach, Provenzano, Parete - the Ulster County way?

Anonymous said...

The lying school Board says they cut 40 positions - all they did was to contract out the cafeteria and eliminate cafeteria staff on their payroll and replaced with contracted services. Speaks volumes also about Gretzinger getting caught lying by the Freeman about the security cameras.

Karl said...

SeeThruNY.net has a report of school district spending showing various categories on a per pupil basis. The disturbing thing is that instruction per pupil in Saugerties is way below half the total and Kingston is better, but still only about half. There is a big health insurance charge per pupil which of course is the bill for employees because students are not insured. I think everyone should look at these numbers to see where the money goes. Teacher's salaries seem to be only a part of the problem. Of course this assumes the accuracy of the numbers.