Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mark Down 2 More No Tax Increase Candidates

Two more candidates who have pledged to "not to vote for any tax increases over the next 2 years" are

Todd Langon for 8th Ward alderman in the City of Kingston, and

Mark Ingoglio for District 12 (City of Kingston) Ulster County Legislature.

Let's contact your local candidates and add their names to this list.


Anonymous said...

Notice a trend here? Two more with no chance of winning.

So far you have 5 people desperate for votes, who will probably lose, and lose badly.

I again challenged you to ask REPUBLICAN supervisors if they are going have a tax increase.

Carl Chipman, John Coutant and Greg Helmsmortel for starters.

Ask some Republicans who can make the pledge and also have an idea about what is going on. I dare you to.

This blog has all the smell of a Democratic bashing blog if ever I saw one.


Ralph Mitchell said...

To 8:10am,
The objective of this Blog is to poll all Ulster County Legislative and Kingston City Council candidates. That is the scope of this blog. The supervisors that are running for office locally are outside the scope of this blog.
Also, the 5 people so far who have pledged NO TAX INCREASES seem to have a sound position based on the fact that they know the taxpayers are already paying too much. They know that the taxpayers cannot pay anymore. The number of local taxpayers is dwindling and many are out of work and losing their homes. Many local candidates are honest and honorable but they have not yet gotten to the point to realize that raising local taxes will only increase wasteful spending this year and next and raising taxes will continue to punish local taxpayers to the point where more and more local taxpayers will leave the area. This means that raising taxes will eventually bankrupt Ulster County and the City of Kingston. Is that what you want?

Anonymous said...

" Hard time are upon us all, now is the time for the unions, mayor and all the employees to take a good look at what is necessary and what is not. Back to the basics is what is needed! Lets start by taking away take home cars, cell phone, unauthorized over time, comp time, unlimited sick time, and anything else that is not vital to job duties. Management and employees have to give back if they want to keep this city going.

If people become unemployed that means the taxes wont get paid, unemployment will go up . People will have nothing to spend so business will also lose out. Lay off is not the answer.

Let look further into what can be taken away before we take peoples jobs. the mayor stated for many years we have not paid into the retirement system so what did they do with all the money that was allocated for retirement payments?Another misappropriation of fund. Why depend on the stock market it has been down for many years now.

Why doesn't the city law makers ask for some of the stimulus money all the auto industry and banks are getting. Trying to make the tax payers take on the burden isn't fare.

Mayor make your people give up so luxury and help this city starting with you lead by example.

Mayor you and your good old boys club are costing this city lots of money in legal fee, with the law suits that are pending, items having to be replace because they were stolen . Stop wasting my tax dollars settle these cases. You say you want to figure out how to save money this is a big won. You know the truth of what happened to the 3 women and how they were treated, so stop wasting my tax dollars to cover up your failure as a mayor to protect his employees.

start thinking of saving this city "

Anonymous said...

How is your "Objective" fair? Why are the people who are developing the budgets for the Legislators and Councilmen, and Alderman exempt from this pledge? They are as responsible as anyone. It makes no sense. Plus, you make these very vague statements like "taxpayers can not pay anymore". Well Duh!

Do you think that any person elected to off ice doesn't know that? You are nothing but a fool to think that a "pledge of no taxes" will fix the problem.

I again, for the umpteenth time ask for concrete, attainable cuts. It is easy to complain and point the finger, let's hear how this movement proposes to cut the expenses.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good question 5:58. Why would someone from green county care about Kingston. Green county gets 200 jobs from Kingston when empire liquor goes there and we have to hire berquist from green couny as our safety officer. Something isn't right.

Anonymous said...

Ralph how do you feel about these out of area hirings. Its a violation of the city charter and is not being enforceds.

Ralph Mitchell said...

To 6:02am,
I am definitely against violating the 10 mile radius law for hiring Kingston City workers. We should remind Mayor Sottile to obey this law in the future. However, it would be very messy to replace those non-resident city workers. It is good to remind people of this law violation in this blog and others.

Bill Berardi said...


Thanks for doing this - maybe names could be put in a Chart or Table format - this could be shared with the print media for publication - that will get some attention.

Anonymous said...

Just read today that Ulster County is now in the top 50... for having the highest property taxes in the nation.

Woooo... that's something to celebrate!

Vote these tax raisers out!!

Ralph Mitchell said...

To 2:33pm,

Thanks for the info about Ulster County being in the Top 50 highest taxed counties. If you have a chance, please POST the source of the info.

Anonymous said...

Mark Ingoglio said...

To those who want specifics regarding what to cut from the budget:

The legislators and aldermen do not create budgets; they are given budgets for approval or disapproval. I will not give my approval to a budget that includes a heavier burden on the taxpayer.

I will not be in a position to make cuts from any budget. I do know that, with so much property off the tax rolls countywide, approximately 55% of the citizenry pays 100% of the taxes... small wonder they are so high!

I can appreciate the fact that you do not see me, a new face, as a viable candidate. I will say, though that:

1. I have always been opposed to taxes that do not benefit those who pay them,

2. Mrs. Provenzano, a veteran legislator and someone with a chance at victory in November, has also taken this pledge, and

3. in the american republic, the common man is supposed to be in charge!

For further information about my views, see

Anonymous said...

Who are you to say a candidate has no chance?? Do the voters not have the right to pick whomever they wish, longshot or otherwise??

Anonymous said...

Provenzano said she WOULD NOT pledge.

If you can't get that right, how will you do under pressure?

Big difference there buddy.

Mark Ingoglio said...


In answer to your question, I'll do my best.

I guess I just misread, regarding Leg. Provenzano.

Even so, those of us who made the pledge are willing to obligate ourselves to our constituents, who certainly want their taxes stablized and decreased.

If I had to make an educated guess as to why some current legislative and aldermanic candidates will not make this commitment, I would say this:

They realize that massive cuts to existing parts of a budget a little less than 1/3 of which is social services would have to be made. Owners of properties that are now untaxed - one estimate has it, to the tune of 45% of all properties county-wide - would have to be brought to the table and invited to give something substantial back to the county that provides them with an opportunity to do their good work. The comptroller's office would need to conduct a massive audit...

I do not agree with those who would not make the promise, but I can think of a few legitimate reasons that would bring them to do so. I may be in error here. If so, I would be pleased to know their reasons from the candidates themselves.